Discuss the concept of ecocide. Should the act of deliberate destruction of environment for the purposes of war become a subject of international law?

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International Relations: Ecocide Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Inclusion of Ecocide into the International Law Ever since Polly Higgins submitted the proposal to include ecocide into the International Law Commission (Nistor, 2017), the deliberate destruction of the environment for war has elicited significant concerns among concerned stakeholders. Therefore, the intentional act of destroying the environment for war purposes should become a subject of international law. The inclusion of the ecocide crime into the international law is necessary because such crimes result in the mass destruction and damage of the environment and the earth contrary to the duty of care that individuals and states should exercise. Including the crime into the international law would pre-empt, prohibit, and prevent natural catastrophes and human-caused ecocide caused by wars (Nistor, 2017). Consequently, governments and businesses would have the primary responsibility to stop ecocide-related activities thus ensuring that all decisions place the interests of the planet and people first. In regards to war, ecocide refers to the deliberate launching of an attack with the understanding that the attack would cause long-term and widespread environmental damage thus presenting significant risks to all people that inhabit the earth. The inclusion of ecocide into the international law would also prevent forest fires caused by bombs thus preventing deforestation. The law would also reduce pollution by preventing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when governments use bombs to attack enemy zones. This would also prevent governments from destroying entire landscapes,

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