Discuss on the issue of violence in American Youth Sports

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Name Tutor Course Date Violence in American Youth Sports Over the years, a growing trend of violence that is steadily growing has been witnessed in American youth sports. Sadly, some occurrences, for example the Massachusetts v. Junta in which a father killed another after a kid’s hockey game in Boston. In the extreme overreactions to minor incidents during the game, some people have resorted to confrontation, in what experts are calling "Sports Rage." Due to this violence, parks across the U.S, turning into mini-battle fields, with adults being the main combatants. When you compare America to other countries such as Switzerland or Britain, the violence in youth sports is solely an American issue. For instance, since the end of football hooliganism witnessed in the 1980’s, British sport has been largely violence-free, including youth and amateur levels. In an investigative report into the matter, reporter Bernie Goldberg of Real Sports interviews a sports expert from the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) who notes of the three primary motives for the violence witnessed. The sports expert cites Fear, greed, and ego as being the primary emotions that fuel these parents. He notes that a parent is concerned that their child may fail to live up to their “potential” as they, themselves failed to do in their youth. The other motivator is greed, where a parent is motivated to commit heinous acts to ensure that their kid succeeds in sports, with the hope of a professional career in view. Lastly, the presence of massive egos on the sports field has turned games for kids from a fun activity meant to ensure friendship and camaraderie, into a rendition

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