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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Discovery Abstract The six characters in the documentary have different attitudes towards refugees at the beginning and the end of the series. This essay takes you through their journey and compares their journeys and personalities to those of characters in the messenger. It helps understand how and why Raye and Racquel change their attitude towards refugee. Since Glen and Roderick support the idea of helping refugees from the beginning of the documentary, do their opinions change? Adam changes his attitude but Daren is hardhearted towards a specific group of refugees. Introduction The documentary, Go Back Where You Came From, is one of the most watch and contentious TV events. In Australia, the series has caused heated debate on the refugee and asylum seekers' predicaments. The series invokes feelings by taking both the participants and responders out of their comfort zone whereby they are confronted and challenged with events, characters, and circumstances leading to innumerable discoveries about individuals and the world. Therefore, this essay seeks to the journey of discovery of each of the six individual in the documentary. Body Raye lived in South Australia and started her journey showing how much she hated refuge seekers. By the end, she has such a strong bond with the family of African refugees that her entire journey was filled with tears of kindness, kindheartedness and empathy for the refugees. Racquel is from Western Sydney, an uneducated and unemployed high school dropout. She is aware of her racism and admits that she does not like Africans. By the end of the documentary, she has learned

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