Discovery of Insulin

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The Discovery and Effects of Insulin on Diabetes Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The world was terrified of diabetes, but that fear disappeared with the discovery of insulin. The doctors knew that high sugar consumption worsened the severity of diabetes, so they felt that the best way to treat this disease was to restrict diabetic patients’ diet to ensure that they kept their sugar intake to a minimum level. In essence, this approach only bought the patients more time of living, but it did not provide a perfect solution. Ironically, the strict diets could even lead to the death of the patients as they result in starvation. In this paper, the author will examine the effects of insulin discovery on diabetes in the modern era. The research will also include the benefits and side effects of the GMO Insulin. The last part of the paper gives the author’s analysis of the paper with the sole focus on the general effects of insulin on the treatment of diabetes. The paper also proposes that researchers can use disadvantages of these supplements to make them more suitable for treating diabetic patients. Keywords: Insulin Discovery, Effects, Patients, Diabetes Introduction The discovery of insulin brought a new method of treatment for diabetes. It directed the doctors out of their reliance on giving diabetic patients harsh diets low in sugar, which they saw as the best remedy for this disease. However, this measure only bought the patients more years to live before they met the inevitable. In some cases, it even shortened their lives as sticking to such strict diets led to starvation. This paper will examine the effects of insulin discovery on

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