Discovery of AID’s Cure

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NewsRescue's work on Discovery of AIDs treatment and cure is part of a high research culture on finding the appropriate drug that can kill HIV. The authors presented their research contrary to clear expectations which over-relied on laboratory test other than speculations. Five years study and familiarity about HIV/AIDs makes me acknowledge the author's aspersion and determination towards ending the AIDs pandemic which is worth heeding. The Source The continuous articulation of Nigella sativa as a real cure for AIDs encompassed with insufficient appropriation on how the research was conducted to come up with the final results as a vindicated cure for the disease proofs inconsistency. Though testing HIV negative consistently for 7-24 months may evidence the absence of the HIV in human, the research remains bias since it does not present the procedures used to vindicate the cure. The study showed political biasedness since the results proofed inconsistency. The methods Even though the research follows the right procedures in testing and proofing presence of virus in the blood of people with HIV, the methodology used is archaic. The researchers over-relied on the religious point of view other than scientific research that entails proofing right the seeds after constant lab research. Similarly, the method presents inaccuracy since the seeds evidenced familiarity with cure of some of the opportunistic diseases that may occur in full blown stage of AIDS and other diseases not necessarily AIDs. The Results Despite six seronegative converted patients being a considerate number of samples worth being a proof of HIV cure discovery, the methodology used remains questionable. The

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