Disability studies – (A cultural, historical, linguistic and literary examination)

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Name of the Student Professor’s Name Disability Studies 10th December, 2016 Perceptions on Disability The development of a critical consciousness has found a crucial distinction between the biological condition of impairment and the socially imposed condition of disability (Barnes 146). Individuals who acquire impairment either through injury or gradual loss of physical functions or chronic illness) are often faced with identity crisis due to their debility. It is contended that the identity crisis does not stem from the physical impairments, but from social confinement and discrimination. It is commonly debated that social impositions and personal experiences are mutually exclusive of each other in situations of disability. This is because a distinction could be made between the biological condition of impairment and the socially imposed condition of disability (Barnes 146). On the other hand, different theorists have contended that isolation and exclusion do not descend from impairment, but they are socially imposed conditions. Hence, it should be acknowledged that “disability” is a feature that is socially imposed on individuals due to their physical or functional impairments. These individuals are often isolated and are excluded from participating in the society. The theorists and activists further argue that holistic sufferings in an individual not only results from oppressions (related with their personal tragedy) but is as much a social problem. The perceptions of the society towards disabled individuals and its respective impact influences the identity crisis such individuals Impaired persons often endure a tragic inner suffering that results

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