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Name: Instructor: Subject: Date of Submission: Digital Forensics Defined policies, procedures, and processes in a digital forensics lab provide a guideline that is used by every stakeholder of the lab. It follows that such labs must always have a laboratory’s terms of reference (ToR), which contains the mentioned processes, procedures, and guidelines (Watson and Andrew, 26). It is critical that the Mad Hatters Digital Forensics Laboratory too should have such a document owing to its importance to a forensics laboratory. Consequently, the upcoming paragraphs discuss a structure that could be used to create a laboratory’s terms of reference for the organization in question. To begin with, Watson and Andrew (26-28) discuss a set of laboratory principles such as quality, integrity, health and safety, productivity, efficiency, supervision, employee development, legal compliance, accountability, and conflicts of interests. Therefore, the organization should document the mentioned principles. Further, the organization must develop a set of service level agreements, which define services that will be provided by the organization. It is also crucial for the Mad Hatters Digital Forensics Laboratory to define how it will operate without the undue influence of customers and other interested parties. Watson and Andrew (28-33) further discuss additional elements of terms of reference document. For instance, the authors insinuate that documenting the code of conduct could aid employees in the organization because every employee would understand what is expected of them. Further, defining the quality of standards, management requirements, and maintaining objectivity should

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