Did America win the Korean War? How did America define victory? How do you, and why is this important?

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Name Institution Course Date Did America win the Korean War? How did America define victory? How do you, and why is this important? The quest for Korean Peninsula can be termed as a failure in the United States agenda in the Korean War. Furthermore, it is significant to acknowledge that the Korean conflict had many participants from various nations. For instance, the United Nation (UN) had responded through sending soldiers from sixteen distinctive countries (Jervis, 564). However, the United States had a huge manpower stack in this coalition army, and it was mostly considered an American army. The United States under the umbrella of UN troop failed in the Korea warfare because they lacked co-ordination in their team (Jervis, 564). This was influenced by the difficulties established by many problems caused by different countries troops within a single army. More ever, the Chinese decision to defend North Korea was also a massive setback for the Americans. The Chinese were paranoid with the idea of Western nations attempting to invade a country near them (Jervis, 565). Additionally, they were greatly embarrassed with the Ideology of western imperialism impacting Asia. Consequently, the definition of victory in the United States perspective was that they hoped the entire Korean Peninsula would adopt a democratic system of government that incorporates free elections and freedom of expression (Goulden, 219). Initially, the United States had won the entire Korean Peninsula. It was speculated that they had set a base that would establish an attack and counter in China in the quest of ending communist regime in the world (Goulden, 123). Alternatively, they did

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