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Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship (Vol. 1). InterVarsity Press. Campbell, G. (2010). King James Bible: 400th Anniversary Edition. Oxford University...

Dictionary Development Name Institutional Affiliation 3-1 Activity: Data Dictionary Development Categories in the Data Dictionary Template HIM 350 Communications and TechnologiesModule Three Data Dictionary Template Table Field Datatype Description and/or Calculation PATIENT DOB Date The birthdate for the patient AGE Integer The age of the patient NAME Varchar(64) The official name of the patient NEXT_OF_KIN Varchar(64) The occupation of the patient DIAGNOSIS DIAGNOSIS_CODE Varchar(64) The code for the patient's diagnosis PRINCIPAL_DIAGNOSIS Varchar(64) Diagnosis of the patient's primary condition SECONDARY_DIAGNOSIS Varchar(64) Diagnosis of the patient’s underlying and secondary...

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dictionary form of seal men denotes creatures who like seducing females. The eyes of the seal men are “round” thereby stressing their visual senses which in the long run makes the girl shy-off and feel vulnerable. The mention of “scent of licorice” reveals how the seal men are grooming and stimulating the girl for sex. Additionally, the three seal men place themselves strategically in the bathroom. One of them “leans against the door” thereby preventing the girl from exiting because that is her only exit route (“Dove”). The second man is seated beside the bathtub while the third is inside the washbowl. This hints that the three-man were turn-taking in their expedition to rape and...