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Name Instructor CourseDate Monday, 12th February 2018 Time: 11: 15 P.M. Dear Diary, Today I learned some interesting facts about the philosopher and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, precisely from the way he perceives the world in his essay, “The Poet.” The manner in which Emerson defines the poet and his/her occupation is both bewildering and exciting. Emerson looks at the occupation of the poet as some higher calling detached from material influences of this physical world or reality. This is clear from the beginning when he says, “Those who are esteemed umpires of taste,” referring to the people who consider themselves critics, reviewers, and observers with an affinity for what is elegant and artistic, usually understand little of what poetry is genuinely about (Emerson 1). Emerson goes further to call these people out as shallow in their feigned interpretations. They are people who look at half-truths, who cannot comprehend the bigger picture in these simple truths. These critics are merely equipped with limited knowledge of rules about how something should be, and not about what it is. Emerson resolutely dismisses these people as being shallow in their perception of the doctrine of beauty (Emerson 8). In The Poet, Emerson goes to say that the poet is like the full realization of human, complete man and that the none-poets are partial in the sense of what “Man” entails. The poet is the man of beauty who has transcended physical existence and was connected to a much higher existence intertwined with nature. He argues that nature is in every man just like it is outside and can be perceived. The lack of understanding the deeper meaning of every

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