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November 15, 2016 Dear Diary, Today was such a good day! I finished my duties for the day, checked on my mother and headed out for the evening. My buddy Stanley had invited me along with other friends for a poker party. We would play a few rounds of the game. There would also be plenty of whiskey for those who take alcohol. After everyone had arrived, the game started. I was always the best and today was no exception. I was the winner round after round. Between breaks, Stanley, and the others would take a shot of their whiskey. I was the only one sober. We were very engrossed in the game and didn’t notice the time while away. I noticed it was already 1:00 am and excused myself to leave. Stanley and his friends would, however, hear none of it. I told them I had to check on my mother since she was ill and couldn’t sleep before seeing me. On mentioning this, they started laughing and calling me momma’s boy. They told me that I had still not become a man. I was quite angered, but I chose to maintain my calm. Nobody has the authority to tell me what to do or how to live! I love my mother, and she is also sick. I, therefore, have to check on her now and then. If this makes me a momma’s boy, well then let me be. I don’t care what people think about me! And will not allow them to control me. While I was still deciding what to do, a beautiful girl walked in. She sat next to me and started smiling. Oh boy! She had totally caught my attention. She was dressed in a white dress that made her look like an angel that had fallen from heaven. She introduced herself as Blanche, Stella’s sister and from there our conversation started. I had not seen such a graceful

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