Diagnosis and Psychiatry Revised 1

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Diagnosis and Psychiatry Name Institution Date Identification: The hospital books have no record of Mr. Alfred. Hence I assume it is his first time to be admitted to a psychiatric facility. Mr. Alfred is a 26-year-old man working on a full-time basis in a local supermarket. He currently cohabits with his girlfriend and plans to make the marriage formal soon. Date of interview: 25/02/2018 Chief Complainant Alfred, the 26-year-old male was brought to the facility emergency unit by an ambulance, accompanied by his girlfriend on suspicion that he had taken an overdose of an unknown number of fluoxetine, atenolol, and zolpidem pills in an apparent suicide mission. The medication is believed to have been prescribed for Cate, Alfred’s girlfriend. Descriptive part The night before Alfred was brought in he had a violent encounter with his longtime girlfriend. Alfred argued that his girlfriend was no longer committed to the relationship since she spent more time with her friends than with him. As a result, a quarrel broke out leading to a physical fight. Alfred later went to a pub accompanied by Peter, his workmate, where he took a number of beers. Upon returning home, his girlfriend avoided any communication with him which he thought was a reaffirmation that his girlfriend was no longer interested in the relationship. Angered by the reception, he locked himself in the bedroom and took an overdose of the girlfriend’s medication. He then left the empty medication bottles in open display. A few minutes later Cate walked into the bedroom where he found Alfred laying on the bed with a white substance coming out of his mouth. She saw the empty medication bottles and

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