Development Rocinha /Favelas in Brazil

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Development Rocinha /Favelas in Brazil Article review, 2016 Student’s name Supervising lecturer: Institutional affiliation Date Development Rocinha /Favelas in BrazilStudents address, telephone number and email address Lecturer Institutional affiliation Date Declaration of authenticity I (Students name) declare that all information and material facts in this paper is my work with precise citations of all sources. The information in this work is thereby genuine and accurate, and any misrepresentations could lead to the nullification of marks awarded. Also, this paper has never been published or presented anywhere else for examination purposes. Signature ………………………. Date ……………………………. AbstractThe Favelas in Brazil gained the political attention and power in the mid-1940s with the city and state governments drawing interests towards the improvement of such areas. It was a time when populist politicians gained leadership roles and aimed at poverty eradication and national modernization. Majorly, the politicians were concerned about the increase in crime, diseases and illiteracy levels arising from the slums. To improve the moral corruption and political radicalism, the state leaders had to abolish the slums and provide modern, sanitary and alternative housing units. In this paper, it highlights the original settlement and its role in contributing to the current state of conditions in the Favelas. It is indicated that the housing problem was the major contributing factor for the growth of Favelas in Brazil. In a bid to demonstrate the developments of Favelas since its inception, the paper majorly articulates on

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