Develop an education plan for the patient and their relatives/friends with the sleep disorder Insomnia. Write a 200–300 word education plan and submit it for review.

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Education Plan for Patients with Insomnia Name Institution Affiliate Insomnia is a disorder which makes an individual fail to sleep as required during the night. Research shows that it is much prone to the female gender, that is, women as compared to men. The lack some of the proper sleep can cause so much straining to an individual during the day (Rodin & Sateia, 2009). The plan below shows some of the ways in which it should be handled. Vision development The main aim of the plan is to ensure that there is a clear indication on how the patients and their relatives/friends can be helped to overcome the sleep disorder. Our vision is to ensure that the patient who undergoes treatment recovers as fast as possible. Through the doctor’s prescription, we aim at ensuring that the instructions given to the patient or the relatives/friends are easy to master and is capable of giving quick result when used. Describing how the learning will happen The learning process will be through an interview, where the patient or the relatives/friends will be asked on the symptoms of the disorder and even coming to know the main causes of the sleep disorder. The explanations from the patient will be expected to entail some of the details such as the frequency at which the patient experiences the sleep disorder. For instance, the patient should relate it to the numbers of hours in a night or the number of days in the week. Through the interview, the doctor should know when the patient started experiencing the sleep disorder. The interview should also include the type of medication which the patient have been using since the disorder arises. The doctor then notes the problems

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