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The Covenant


destiny of the obedient (Venema, 2010). On the contrary, those who disobeyed the commands would be cursed and go to hell. God set the conditions of the covenant. Unlike the previous covenants like Abrahamic covenant, the Sinai covenant was characterised by adequate preparation; it was a conditional covenant. God sent Moses to inform the Israelites how to prepare. Apart from washing their garments, the Israelites were also expected to refrain from sexual relations (Exodus 19:15). All other ceremonies that would cause uncleanliness were avoided. The people must be pure and clean when they present themselves to God. Boundaries were marked around Mount Sinai to restrict the people from coming too...



destiny. Most are not able to tend to themselves, especially when they are sick. As a pediatrician, I will dedicate time and energy towards the cause for a better health of our children. However, this calls for medical training. This is a challenging feat seeing my single mom is not in a position to cater for both my tuition and concerns for my brother’s primary education. It is my knowledge that your organization focuses on building individuals whose careers impact the community directly. As such, I wish to play a role in influencing a generation today for a healthier tomorrow. Personally, it is because children deserve the best, even when they are from underserved regions. Getting this...

destiny as a form of oppression and which should not have come from the gods. For instance, he says that darkness remains his world as the care of the Apollo is not felt. Oedipus blames the gods entirely and says that his bitterness and sorrows are all from Apollo. His comments are sorrowful and emotional when he mentions that Apollo has always been his hand but ended up striking him. Oedipus observes that his current state is a shame to the people of Thebes and brings agony instead of joy. Out of anger for the gods due to the prophecy, he tells his friends to take him away or kill him as the gods that are supposed to offer protection and are causing misery to his life. He also states that the gods...

destiny. The poem talks about a young man who tries to run away from his destiny and finds himself coming back to where he started. Essentially, this poem utilizes humor and simplicity to pass its message. The wording is very simple and easy to understand which also makes it easier to understand the message and the targeted audience. The form is also very easy to identify: the first, second and fifth lines have between seven and ten syllables while the third and fourth lines have five to seven syllables characterizing a limerick. In essence, it is very easy to identify the form of this poem and the audience it targets since it uses simple and straightforward language in its...

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