Desire For University Education

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One thing I know for sure is that university education I imperative in our society today. We do not get high school education and stop there, and then expect to be extremely prosperous in life. I understand the university as an institution that underwrites good life. It has been proven that university graduates earn than 70 percent more than high school graduates, not to mention they have a higher likelihood of getting jobs. I desire to be a university graduate and prepare myself for future world work. I desire to be wealthy, successful and prominent. Having a good future is mostly dependent on the level of education. The society demands employees who are adaptable and those who have broad skills. Besides, I do not wish to go to any university, but a top university where I can get a high-quality education. I desire to pursue a premed program as it has particular qualities that will greatly support my interests. The program will give me a chance to volunteer and work in health care centers. During this period, I will have the opportunity to explore the medicine career option. In fact, through these volunteer activities, I will increase my chances of acceptance into many fields in medicine. Being a part of this program gives an opportunity to contribute to the society in ways that I desire. I want to help people as a build a future for myself. It is important to me because I will be creating my undergraduate path to the medicine career and chose a major that I will find most appealing and fulfilling. I will have a chance to choose from majors such as health and rehabilitation science, biomedical engineering, arts and sciences, human psychology, molecular biology and

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