Designing healthy communities for future generations

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Name Professor Course Date Designing Healthy Communities for Future Generations The YouTube video addresses public health affairs and focuses majorly on kids living in the US. The host is Richard Jackson who is an educator, public health advocate, and an experienced physician. The host acknowledges institution and foundations that work towards improving people’s living standards. According to the clip parents in the current generation what to live the world as a better place for their children and grandchildren. Because of this shared goal, communities are willing to come together and work towards improving the global health. In summary, the video looks into the effect that the contemporary environment has on chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, obesity, and depression (Jackson). Having a better understanding of the cause of universal diseases has to be a priority for researchers. The results obtained from such studies have been of aid I assisting physicians to come up with ways to prevent and control diseases. There is no discrepancy between understanding what causes a disease and implementing measures to eradicate them because part of the understanding of a disease emanates from trials to control it. Much attention should be paid to trying to figure out why a condition is prone to occur in a given location among a particular group of people. For instance, there has been a rise in the percentage of obesity among people below the age of thirty years. Finding out why people in this age bracket are not taking care of their health can be the best way to control the incident. In the past decade, lots of lives were lost to epidemics such as

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