Deserted House

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Deserted House That evening was unusually hot and steamy, and all of a sudden, increasingly light wind started blowing in the same direction. The school ended, and we took to our heels. My friend Alice joined me just past the school entrance, and I was grateful to have such a talkative companion for the long drive back home. We had barely driven half a mile while the twirling funnel of air started blowing towards us. I stepped on the car breaks only to realize that they were loose and not functioning. It had been long before the home mechanic had come to conduct a thorough service of my jeep. We were now facing an oncoming tornado, and the car breaks had already jammed. Dust and all kind of dirt had already filled the air and thereby obscuring our view. I was shaken to the roots as I tried to firmly hold the steering and sway the car to the side road hoping to find an obstacle that would stop the car. Alice managed to reach her bag pack only to find that the phone could no longer power due to low battery. Luckily, the jeep hit a tree at the side of the road, and we only suffered minor injuries. We managed to get out of the wrecked jeep hoping to find assistance, but no one was there to help us. We could hear screams of people from half a mile away, but our vision was already obscured. We started walking away from the storm, and Alice was panting very heavily. The tornado was drawing closer because a whirlwind carrying all sorts of dirt was blowing past us. We could hear an abandoned dog barking a few meters away, and on walking closer, we saw a strange house which seemed spooky. We carelessly entered as we

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