Describe your educational and career goals and explain what or who has inspired or helped shape these goals

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Name Instructor Task Date Educational and Career Goals Developing appropriate skills in life needs a better practice that would lead one to successful endeavors. I am majoring in Criminal Justice. I have always been interested in a course that would help combat injustices and criminality, especially where I come from. For me to succeed in this field, I need to work hard and focus on my education, which will help me relate what I would love to do with my desire and motive to help others. My interest in Criminal Justice has grown from high school. My father has always taught and advised m about criminal justice, allowing me to read many books and journals concerning crime and watch how people debate about injustices around the world (Light 81). Being aware of such, I developed a motive that to help in making a better society, studying this course is the way to go. Since then I have always stayed focused on every aspect of my education to achieve my career in criminal justice. I have always participated in core curricular activities that have also assisted me in staying focused. I love playing hockey. It is a vigorous game that one must remain disciplined all through, stick to the rules, be accurate and actively participate in teamwork. Apart from sports, I am very socializing, and I volunteer most of my free time in charity work. This has also helped me improve some abilities in handling difficult matters, manage time and finding solutions to problems. It always feels good to help and share knowledge with others to make the society a better place. Through this, I understood that work closely with the public would help us achieve more and share so many that

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