Describe the conquests of Alexander the Great and analyze the legacy of his empire.

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Describe the conquests of Alexander the Great and analyze the legacy of his empire Name: Institution: Describe the conquests of Alexander the Great and analyze the legacy of his empire Alexander is synonymous with one of the most powerful and icon legacy of all times. His popularity surpasses military conquest and economic dominance. For instance, he managed to influence trade and contacts between the West, and East. Additionally, he managed to influence the vast region of the East to adopt the Greek culture and civilization (Clark, 2012). Hence, he developed many cities in the East through building major cultural centers that exhibited the Greek culture. Some of these structures are still standing strong to date. Contrarily, the expansion of Alexander`s empire or Hellenism from the Mediterranean area to Asia was facilitated with the passage of his military personnel who used the vast mountainous region of Middle East toward the Asia countries. This route later became trade route between Asian and European people. The concept of Hellenization refers to spread of Greek culture, language and people to others like he did to the previously known Persian Empire immediately after his conquest (Clark, 2012). This means that Alexander wanted to rule his great empire through cultural homogenization. For example, the Athenian culture was his prime Hellenistic core culture. After his conquest, Greek immediately became the language of commerce and trade for the newly acquired territory and people from all over the empire gained from using this common ideology. Besides, the benefit of Hellenistic culture to Alexander`s empire is that people were able to understand each

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