Describe and analyze the process of socialization

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The Process of Socialization Name Institution The Process of Socialization When I reflect on the question ‘who am I’, I often get torn up on whether to give an answer in relation to my personality or the traits that I possess. I am a cheerful soul who views life in a positive manner; I like to give positive energy to those around me. I strive not to judge others while interacting, I also treat everyone with the respect I would want them to treat me with. I, however, am not a pushover. When a person tries to take advantage of my respectful and polite demeanor, they are met with the defensive part of me. I am a bit shy around new faces, I tend to hang back and study strangers first before letting them in. The trait has seen me create very few group friendships. The only groups I hang around with comprise of the people with grew up with, my classmates and schoolmates. Once I let a person into my inner circle they get to see the fun and loyal side of me (Crossman, 2017). Those close to me describe me as a humorous person with a big heart. I always try to be there for those close to me. I go above and beyond to ensure I reciprocate the quality treatment I get from them. In terms of roles, I tend to take lead on everything I do; I am a doer, not a dreamer. I take the initiative of making things work. I organize social events like hiking, biking and invite friends over to participate. I score exemplary in terms of competency (Crossman, 2017). I am dependable in everything I do. I also strive to give my best and to work within the time limits for any task I undertake. Agents of Socialization Family The family is the first line of interaction that a child

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