Descartes Philosophy

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Name Instructor Course Date Descartes Philosophy Q1. The Need for the Method of Doubt Descartes this it is necessary to participate in meditation and demolish everything he once believed in as part of his belief. The option (B) provides the basis of his argument terming his demolition of all he believes as part of doubt. In doubting everything, Descartes creates a foundation of knowledge where he recognizes the finite nature of existence. In doubt and meditation, Descartes creates a paradigm of realization of existence and doubt starting with his existence. Q2. The raising of Skeptical Arguments implemented in Method of Doubt (Stages of Doubt) None of the provided choices explains wholly the Descartes stages of the doubt. Importantly, the stages of doubt according to Descartes fall in the Cartesian circle that helps explain the relationship between these three stages. Descartes argues that all the three stages senses/illusions, dreaming arguments, and maligned demon influence human reasoning. The stages arise from the demonstrated deception as a result of systematic thinking that involves doubt as well. Descartes emphasis on the Cartesian circle is explained by the reason for not withholding any belief either in doubt or belief of God's existence. Q3. The One thing Descartes claims he cannot doubt None of the provided answers gives comprehensive background for this question. In his meditation, Descartes first doubts everything apart from his existence. Descartes doubt of his existence as he explains could not be realistic hence impossible. He concludes that had it not been his existence then no demon could deceive him. The thought draws him to remain

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