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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Depression One of the modern primary contributors to the global burden of ailments is depression. An estimated 350 million people today suffer from depression or related diseases. Current surveys by the World Mental Health group indicate that for every twenty people, one has an episode of depression every other year. Although it is believed to be a disease of the elderly and especially those with families and relatives or business related problems, new statistic show enough cases amongst children. As a result, it is reported to be the major cause of disabilities globally. It thus demanded a quick action to treat the disease at the initial stages together with other mental health ailments. DEFINITION Depression is a psychological ailment that presents with detachment with the real world through loss of interest and pleasure, bad moods or sharp mood swings, feeling of unworthiness or guilt, unrest, and poor concentration. A person with depression experiences serious despair that lasts for more than two weeks making them feel hopeless and helpless("Depression"). It is an illness in itself as it causes pain to the one suffering. Health practitioners refer to the condition as clinical depression or depressive disorder, and most victims need treatment to recuperate. There are different forms of depression depending on the extent to which a person is troubled. A major depression is an episodic disorder where the victim displays severe symptoms that end up interfering with the ability to work, eat, study or enjoy life. It can occur once in a lifetime or momentarily. Whenever the mood lasts longer than two years, then the person

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