depression in isolation

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Depression in Isolation Name: Institution: Date: Abstract Depression is a major psychological challenge affecting both young and old. Experts define depression as a mental condition that makes victims feel depressed, have low moods, low enthusiasm about life coupled with the lack of focus. Equally, there are many factors that may lead to depression, such as hormonal imbalance, tragic events in life and one’s way of thinking. However, other factors such as being isolated have been found to contribute to depression. Many people may find themselves lonely due to their lifestyle, ill health, old age and much more. Method In my quest to understand the relationship between isolation and depression I undertook to analyze two peer-reviewed journals that have published studies on the link between isolation and depression. One of the journals is entitled “Social isolation, loneliness, and depression in young adulthood: a behavioral genetic analysis.” As the title suggests, it explores the relationship between isolation and depression and how genetics may have influenced such condition. The another journal is entitled “Loneliness, depression, and sociability in old age.” It shows how the elderly are vulnerable to depression due to social isolation. Both journals show that isolation is a major cause of depression. Study # 1 Method Respondents were drawn from the Environmental Risk (E-Risk) group which follows up on the growth of a birth group of 2232 British minors. Most of the minors who participated in this study were twins born in Wales and England in mid-1990s. 1116 families which accounted for 93% of the target participants took part in the study. The

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