Department of Veterans Affairs (DAV) Staffing Plan

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Department of Veterans Affairs Staffing Plan Candidate’s Name: Institution’s Name: Date of submission: Introduction Maintaining an effective and efficient workforce in an organization is of paramount importance. The human resource strategies of retaining and motivating staff have to be definitive and inclusive in all aspects (Gunetilleke, De Silva, & Lokuge, 2010). In the events of a deficiency in the workforce, the human resource department will always employ a contingency plan to contain the issue. Department of Veteran Affairs has some problems with the workforce which have led to the reduction of its effectiveness in undertaking its duties. It is in such instances that the HRM department sets in and provides a solution to the matter. In achieving such a milestone, a comprehensive staffing plan has to be developed in which such issues as recruitment criteria; positions to be filled, estimated budget and the assessment project are addressed. It, therefore, remains significant for an organization with personnel shortage to have a plan for employee retention and recruitment procedures. Statement of the Problem Following the efforts on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, some its soldiers were disabled and therefore unable to carry on with their duties effectively. Due to this effect, there has been an accumulation of uncompleted pressure within the DAV leading to a backlog of cases with some staying between 18-24 months in length. This has slowed the service delivery of the department. There is an increasing demand of retention of employees in the department as well as replenishing the workforce to minimize the backlog created by the increasing number of

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