Deontology of Quakers

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DEONTOLOGY OF QUAKERS Name Course Date Deontology of Quakers The Quakers was a movement influenced by religious ideologies, and it was founded in the late 17th century in Britain. The religious concept projected by this society is based on emphasizing that the inward and equal access to the Lord is free for anyone. Today, It is estimated that there are 340000 people who are still worshiping the Quakers movement globally. It is also speculated that popular public figures such as previous American presidents like Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover were active members of the Quakers movement. The paramount context of Quakerism is founded on the basis that everyone has the potential to reach God personally and inwardly. In short, this means that every individual has a direct encounter to access divine revelation. The doctrine of inner light forms the foundation of Quakers worshiping system. For instance, they believe that religious sacraments like Holy Communion and baptism should be performed at a personal level inwardly. According to Peter Collins, it is a huge challenge to be able to define Quakers and exactly define their identity. This is because, to be able to define their identity, one has to look into Quakers faith and practice of individual Quakers. This is, due to the fact that, Quakers acknowledge individuality as a way of practicing their Meetings. Quakerism definition challenges can be viewed from two different angles; from the practical angle where the Quakers can be considered as heterogeneous as they avow to individuality in their practice. Secondly, there is also homogeneity in their practice. The homogeneity and heterogeneity can be seen in the

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