Demonstrate my interest in Computer Graphics and one or two more disciplines like physics, Virtual Reality and any other subjects that ARE related to Graphics (but no more than two).

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Admission Essay I have nurtured an internal interest in computer graphics, VR, and physics over the past years. In my childhood, I used to play video games like Counter-Strike, Super Mario and many others. Counter-Strike is a series of multiplayer first-person shooter video game in which teams of terrorists perpetrate an act of terror like hostage-taking and counter-terrorists battle to and prevent it like hostage rescue. Similarly, Super Mario games trail Mario’s fictitious in the Mushroom Kingdom, typically with Mario as the major personality. He is occasionally joined by Luigi and different affiliates of the Mario troupe. The game has modest designs like the action when of Mario liberating the abducted Princess Peach from the prime adversary. The games sparked my curiosity to create something of my own. I developed a Cornell box model and photographed it with a CCD camera. I met a challenge in coming up with the exact settings under the radiation continuum of the light source, reflectance ranges of the exteriors, the magnitude of all entities, and the light source. The acts made me step out of my comfort zone as I targeted to build a modest physical setting in which illumination, geometry, and actual reflectance properties are dignified and equated to a computer spawned epitome. Consequently, I ended up simulating my room on the screen and simulated the lighting accuracy. I learned the basics of the engine by downloading and installing an Unreal Engine 4 to my computer. My curiosity made me try to use it in creating a game, an arch viz, game environment art, playable levels for a game and coming up with cinematics.

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