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Islam were born in the Middle East (McGrath n.p). The three religions are inextricably related to each other. Christianity originated from Jewish tradition while Islam established from both Judaism and Christianity. Abraham is regarded as the first Jew to make a covenant with Almighty God. Since Christianity, Judaism, and Islam recognize Abraham as the first prophet, they are known as Abrahamic religions. Thus, the three religions have various common traditions and beliefs. They all own up Abraham as the founding father. Jerusalem is a historic center for followers of the three religions. Muslims consider the “Dome of the Rock” as holy and do worship it as the location where Muhammad rose into...

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Islam, contains the lessons of the Prophet that were uncovered to him from Allah. One of the binding qualities of Islam is the Five Pillars, the key practices of Islam. These five practices incorporate a custom calling of confidence, supplication, the zakat, fasting, and the Hajj; the journey to Mecca. Numerous Muslims are portrayed by their responsibility regarding going to Allah five times each day. One of the characterizing attributes of Islam is the power of holy places including Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem. Muslims accumulate at mosques to show love to Allah, supplicate, and think about the sacred text. Muhammad is seen to have been the chosen one who would convey God’s message to his...

Islam have been amongst some broad area of interest among many individuals in the current era. They have inhibited a variety of teachings that are reflections to current phenomena. They differ in their way of teaching and origins that acts as a background of their development in their current status thus this paper answers some arguments related to Christianity. Part one The fact that Jesus was a Jewish antecedent is essential to understand while studying Christianity. He abode within Jewish of whom he taught in accordance with their doctrines which initiated their understanding and confirmed their ideas to that of Jesus. Therefore, it is agreeable that Christ transformed Jews to believe in his...

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