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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Definition Essay Life is the existence aspect that encompasses actions, evaluations, reactions, processes, and evolution through the process of growth: metabolism and reproduction. The fundamental difference between the lack of life and life lies in the use of energy for conscious and physical development of living things (Dupre and Maureen, 12). Life is characterized by growth and an eventual death; the point at which proliferation and cognition cease. Viruses, for instance, have a life not in the sense that they are cognizant (seen from their response to stimuli) but because they grow and reproduce. Computers don’t have a life since, despite being cognizant biological development and reproduction is impossible. Cognition, therefore, cannot determine life, but rather propagation and maturation towards death as it only befalls living things. The cycle of life cannot be terminated. For a living organism to be said to exist within an environment, there has to be a collection of other organisms that are either identical or non-identical to it. In a bid to gratify its reproductive needs, the organism is contingent upon other organisms to create another life of its kind. Human beings are the highest form of life because of their high mental capacities. With advanced minds, human beings have the ability to accumulate and process vast information inputs by ‘projecting’ the resulting output onto the primary environmental source. Despite the advancement, people are still driven by the need to reproduce and survive. The process of recreation, however, directs humans to experience the world’s increasingly

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