define and describe United States imperialism from its inception in the late 19th Century to the present. Is the imperialist impulse an explanation for U.S. involvement in all its military involvement

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Name Instructor Course Date The United States Imperialism Introduction American imperialism is the economic, and military as well as cultural influence that they exert on neighboring nations that often results in expansion into foreign territories. The 19ht century was mostly called the imperialism age because it was a duration when the U.S as well other major states of world powers increased territorial boundaries. American imperialism anchors on the exceptionalist ideology that the U.S varies significantly from other nations due to the unique world mission that aims to increasingly disseminate liberty as well as the democracy (Immerman 4). For instance, the Annexation of Hawaii that occurred in 1898 is an ideal example of American Imperialism that enabled the U.S to stamp authority of the nation. The U.S took control of all properties belonging to the government of Hawaiian Island including ports, public property, buildings, and military equipment as well as harbors. However, certain groups like the American Anti-Imperialism League consistently opposed the imperialism arguing that the practice despised the Republicans’ American ideal as well as the consent of the led. Expansion and Power The American imperialism first gained its popularity during the era of President James K. Polk making the notion of an American Empire true throughout the 1800s. During that period, the American businessmen looked for new global markets where they could deliver their products because of as their companies were already undergoing industrialization. Moreover, the rapid influence of Darwinism made Americans believe that the U.S was responsible for the evolution of concepts

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