Deep Impact Film

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: Deep Impact Film Deep Impact (1998) is a science fiction film about a disastrous event about to happen that will wipe out the entire human race. A comet that is estimated to be the size of Mount Everest is plunging towards earth and the US government tries to handle the crisis silently but is leaked by a reporter to the public. The president, therefore, decides to unveil their plan to the public to stop public unrest. A team of astronauts including a veteran astronaut, Spurgeon Tanner was going to be sent to the comet to plant explosives and destroy the comet before it collides with the planet. The team is earth's last hope and if they fail the human race will have to brace them for the worst catastrophe of all time. The plot of the movie was generic; there were no complex twists or unique features to drift it away from the common disaster movies. Because it contains some element of disaster and science fiction thus the movie does not fit in one definite genre of classification. The eruption of volcanoes, massive earthquakes and tsunamis are typical occurrences in normal disaster movies that were also included in this film (King, 143). The characterisation and development of characters in the film are poor whereby the actors shallowly fit into their roles. The cast also did not stand out in the movie; this is due to the random and frequent death of characters. Viewers, therefore, did not see any reason to invest in emotions with the characters. This illustrates the diminished bond between the cast and the audience. Some characters such as Dougray Scott just pop up as the movie culminates, this is an

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