Decolonization of Asia and Africa

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Decolonization of Asia and Africa In the mid-20th century, many countries across Asia, Africa and The Middle East had “freed” themselves from the Europeans. Historians use the term decolonization to describe this process, which begun around 1945 and came to an end in the late 1960s (Slater, Dan, and Nicholas 1473). During this era, decolonization was achieved through independence movements, revolutions and European departures. To be precise, there was no one single process that suited decolonization, leading to protracted revolutions and peaceful processes as stated. Upon establishing self-governance, some countries were ruled by dictators, whereas others were subjected to military rule for years. Others had to endure decades of civil unrest. Some European countries welcomed partnerships with their former colonies, while others contested the idea of decolonization by deploying their military in different colonies. Moreover, the commencement of decolonization happened together with the new Cold War between America and the Soviet Union, and during the early stages of the formation of the United Nations. During this period, decolonization was heavily affected by competition between superpowers, which impacted on the evolution of the competition. Likewise, it transformed the pattern of global relations in a more general perspective. Causes of Decolonization Though the colonialists ruled over Africa and Asia, some natives were given an opportunity to acquire education at the highest levels. Some even went to study in the European universities. The colonialists envisioned a case where the westernized natives

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