Decolonization and Cold War

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Decolonization can be termed as the ways of wiping out colonization or freeing nations from relying on other countries. Essentially, the process of states detaching themselves form others within a formal empire led to national independence (Cobbs 81). Decolonization is majorly used to refer to the end of how the expansion of Europe's imperial system happened. It is a process that commenced with the US getting her independence in the 18th Century. However, when historians other folks mention it, they normally refer to the decolonization era. This was the period immediately after Second World War, where movements in individual nations forced many empires belonging to Europeans to leave Middle East, Africa, and Asia. There are multifaceted reasons why decolonization happened; besides, these reasons varying hugely from one nation to another (Cobbs 94). During the World War II, three primary elements played a central role in decolonization process: the colonized folks had a thirst for gaining independence, the war acted as a proof to the colonized people that colonial powers were very vulnerable, and lastly, there was an increased emphasis on anti-colonialism on global platforms like the United Nations. The period of cold war was characterized by tension as a result of military, political, and economic actions between the Soviet Union and the United States between 1945 and 1991 (Cohen 173). After the end of World War II, there arose complications that revolved around shifting of international powers. The USSR demanded to get additional territory and on the other hand, the US made attempts to limit whatever the Soviets wanted to gain. As a result, this battle of dogmata led to

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