Declaration of Independence

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Student's Name Instructor History Date Rhetorical Analysis on the Declaration of Independence The declaration of independence is very influential and an example of the greatest documents in the American history. It forms the birth certificate of the USA. It contains what the ancestors thought were the human rights. It represents a framework of principals and logic that intelligent men sat and came up prepared it. It was written with good intentions and with an aim to explain the reasons why there was the need to separate the colonists from the British crown. It was founded on strong ideals of equality, liberty and in line with the pursuit for forever happiness. The introduction of the document entails the purpose and the philosophies under which it is based. The body contains the grievances and dissatisfaction faced by the citizens of the colonies (St. George, Judith and Will Hillenbrand,67). The conclusion highlights the rights of the people and needs to separate the colonies from the tyrannical government. The document is paramount for the history of America (Agel, Jerome and Mort Gerberg, 72). However, the document contains flaws and what was seen and viewed by those in the 18th century is currently being seen as a view of the time and not for the current century. The document depicts four lines of reasoning that the writers used. Firstly it states that governments secure and follow rights that were granted by God which is Nature Law (Kirszner, Laurie G and Stephen R Mandell, 40). However, the document does not highlight the laws of nature. Secondly, the document highlights that citizens have a right to overthrow the government if their rights are

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