Decision Making

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Every single day humans have to make choices that tend to have either positive or negative consequences. Failure and success define the path of leaders hence the need to be versatile and ready to face any challenge with courage no matter the anticipated results. It is my belief that the last general elections held in the United States posed a major challenge to Hillary Clinton. Polls before the election indicated that Hillary was the likely candidate to get to the White House but during the elections, things turned around; Donald Trump who had been lagging behind Clinton in the polls was elected as president. The major challenge that Clinton had to tackle was whether to concede or face her supporters. However, Clinton was courageous, and she delivered a concession speech despite having expected to clinch the presidential seat. Clinton’s concession had an impact on most Americans since some expected her to raise questions about the legitimacy of the election results while others thought that she did not deserve to win. It is my belief that conceding to the results had a profound impact on the Americans since Clinton’s action promoted unity in the nation. Globally, there have been instances of violence arising from leaders that do not concede to election results hence causing a civil war in their countries. Therefore, Clinton’s action of accepting that Trump had won the elections promoted unity among the American citizens. Clinton is a great leader since she accepted defeat hence promoting unity among the Americans by indicating that there is hope after failure. If I were in Clinton’s position, I would not have conceded to the results. I would expect the elections

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