Decision-Making Model

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Decision Making Introduction People normally undergo situations that require them to make serious decisions that affect both their personal lives as well as other people. Some of these decisions are do or die which make them crucial. If by any chance the wrong decision is made, the likely hood of hurting oneself is high. Making decisions may seem easy, but when caught up in a situation, the victim realizes the difficulties present. It is important to plan on how to make decisions in order to identify the various alternatives that come about with the decision. A decision maker must evaluate the pros and cons of arriving or not arriving at a decision. Classification and Definition of the Problem A few months ago, I enrolled back to class in order to improve my academic qualifications. Due to the current levels of literacy in the country, it has become a necessity for many people to go back to school and improve their academic qualification. Being a person who intends to achieve great things in the future, I was motivated to go back to school. Fortunately, I was lucky to get employed as a teller at a local bank with minimal qualifications. My good grades in my first undergraduate degree enabled me to secure the job. The salary I receive each month has not been enough to sustain myself although I do not have many expenses. The job requires me to report to work three days in a week. I am free to attend classes on the free days only due to my working schedule. Currently, my semester has 20 academic units, which has placed me in a dilemma. Alternating from my workplace and concentrating on 20 units is not a simple

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