Decision Making and Conflict Management

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Decision Making and Conflict Management General motors is one of the most successful automobile companies in the U.S. To this effect, the government has always demonstrated significant concern to the way the company progresses. The article appearing on the Wall Street Journal on 1st June 2009 highlighted concerns on the involvement of the government in the company. King, McCraken and Spector mentioned that the government was interested in becoming the principal owner of General Motors. The move aimed at enabling the government create more employment opportunities as well as improve the state of the economy. However, King, McCraken and Spector argued that the move was not a guarantee of success. Rather, it would create tension and conflict amongst the key stakeholders of the firm. The major point in the article is that the involvement of the government would lead to conflicts in the once successful firm. Group and decision making conflicts are bound to occur when important decisions are to be made. The rational choice theory illuminates that decision making processes should be based on the utility of the desired outcomes. In this regard, the government was keen on investing in General Motors in a bid to enhance the livelihoods of its people through employment as well as enhance the company’s performance following its key contributions to the economy. The application of the rational choice theory helps inform users of the importance of making informed decisions during conflicts. The government’s role in supporting GM was met by sharp criticisms because the decision contravened its values. Apparently, the move came at a time when GM was closing some of its production

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