Debunking Myths

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Debunking Myths Name of Institution Name of Course Debunking Myths The story is based on my recollection of my neighbor during my childhood. It feels just like the other day even though it was a couple of years ago. I admired her so much. I spend almost two decades of my life influenced by this old lady, 75 years of age (Adey 2012). I cannot tell whether she was aware of it, but for the time she lived, she was my greater motivator. Though she lived in a place far from where we lived, I often visited her, especially during holidays. When I visited her, I just loved to stay with her. She was my grandmother, and her name was Monica. Since I could not call her Monica, I had a nickname for her. I used to call her my Moni and she called me Sos. I would spend a whole day with her. I vividly remember how she used to wake up at 5 in the morning. She would wake me up at the same time, something I felt so uneasy to do. She would leave if I don’t wake up. Her mission at this time was to cut nippier grass for her loved cows. It is not because there was no one to do it since there were persons employed. She did it willingly and voluntarily. I could not believe this was from her despite her advanced age. She used to do this with great jovial than any other person in the family (Adey 2012). After her early morning cores, she would call me to assist in her small potato garden, about three hundred meters from the home compound. I remember her sentiments, “Sos, my son, I wonder why young people like you don’t like working at home. They mostly prefer office jobs. That is why you like

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