Death Penalty

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Name Instructor Course Date Death Penalty The debate about capital punishment has been raging for quite some time. This has brought to the fore the push by some states for its restriction while others are exploring additional ways of the death penalty’s deployment. In the US, the death penalty applies to not only murder cases but also offenses like rape, arson, kidnapping and armed robbery. Death penalty falls in the jurisdiction of a state’s criminal justice structure and not the federal system. It is important to note that a majority of those sentenced to death are male. The mode of its application also varies to include hanging, public shooting, lethal gas, electrocution and fatal injection (Marcus 838). Arkansas is an example of states that are proponents of this form of punishment. The state made history in April 2017 when it oversaw the execution of four people in a record eight days. This was against a planned target of eight executions over 11 days, a fete curtailed by the supreme and federal district courts. As a result, of this action the approval ratings for this form of punishment dipped to an all-time low. Citing imminent expiry of the drug midazolam, a sedative, the state sought back its actions. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies have rallied to bring to an end the use of their products in carrying out lethal injections (McLeod 1). Illinois abolished the death penalty in 2011 after the passage of legislation signed by Pat Quinn the state’s governor. Pat argued that no death penalty system eliminates the prospects of wrongful execution through perfect design. The abolition was a culmination of sustained efforts of various groups spanning

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