Death Penalty

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Death Penalty Institution Student Course Date Introduction The question of the death penalty has now persisted in the minds and hearts of many people in the United States of America. The issue has now taken another twist by becoming one of the media’s debated matters. Many are left in a dilemma whether the judicial systems were established out of a desire for retribution or out of a need to rehabilitate. The researchers in the USA are left to find out the legality and ethics that befall capital punishment. In my analysis of the fact-finding, I chose to deal more precisely with the case against the death penalty. It has nothing to teach the Condemned The purpose for any punishment is to denounce evil and teach the wrongdoer that it is not admissible to do such acts. Our parents take the lead in this depending with what they learned from their guardians. A child may emulate crazy acrobatic move he/she saw in a Rambo movie. To warm such a kid against such performances, you may choose to give him/her a stern warning or spank so that he will remember never to repeat it. Thus, when the child graduates into adulthood and does not seem to acquire a right character for association with others, will fall in the hands of the police. For instance, if one steals electronics, arrested by the constable and convicted of the civil offenses, he will be imprisoned to deprive him/her of the freedom to move and do what he enjoys (Steinberg & Scott, 2003). This a proper punishment that makes the convicted persons learn from their mistakes and most probably they will be freed with a rehabilitated mind and character. Death is the Ultimate Wrong Since the purpose for

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