Death of Balder

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Death of Balder. The Death of Balder is one of the unique and amusing mythology as it has shown that even the Gods are not invincible to death. Apart from that, the depiction of the fragility of life is the core essence of this mythology. Balder, son of Odin, has proved to be a joyful, generous and courageous person; however, he has faced death even when all the Gods have pledged that no harm would be inflicted upon Odin’s son Balder. The mythology has also presented an outlook of duplicitous nature of Loki as he has used mistletoe for inflicting damage to the mightiest of Gods, Odin. From the story, I have liked the outlook that death and massive harm can be done even by a minute and insignificant being like mistletoe. Also, the story has provided the fleeting nature of life and the troubles Odin has to face to save his son Balder from any harm. Also, the role of Loki has provided an outlook that deceitful and duplicitous persons can go at any length to inflict harm on the person's lives while having nothing to gain. Also, it also depicts that Odin, the mightiest of all Gods; possess some weakness that can be exploited regardless of his futile efforts to save his son, Balder ("The Death of Baldur - Norse Mythology for Smart People"). The Theft of Thor’s Hammer reveals that the utmost delicacy together with a sense of humor in the story. When Thrym had stolen Thor’s hammer, it has been decided by the Gods that Thor would dress as Freyja in bride’s clothing. Surely, it is an embarrassment for a God to impersonate and Thor’s protest has been overruled by the Gods. The humor has a strong lesson behind it that even the Gods have to go at lengths to regain their

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