Death Investigations

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Death Investigations Name Institutional Affiliation Death Investigations Categorizing death helps in ensuring that justice is served to the family of the deceased if it is shown that there was a foul play that led to the death of the deceased. A pathologist is usually called upon to do the tests to show the cause of death. There are different categories of death named after the cause. They include suicide, natural causes, accidental death, and homicide. Suicide It refers to the deliberate killing of oneself due to different reasons like extreme emotional distress. It is a crime to attempt to kill oneself and punitive measures depend on the particular states. Law enforcement officers are required by law to ensure that a person caught attempting to commit suicide goes through mandatory mental checkup to evaluate whether he or she is a risk to oneself or others. Helping someone to commit suicide is also a crime. Natural Causes It occurs mostly in old age. It refers to death, which results when the body ceases to function because of factors like terminal illness, heart attack among others. It is called death by natural causes because the body ceases to function on its own without some external interference. Accidental death Accidental death occurs when there is an external interference but without the intention to take life. For example, one may take many pills and die although taking his or her life was not his or her intention. Sometimes accidental death may also be referred to as death by misadventure. This occurs when the deceased dies when taking a risk. For example, when participating in extreme sports, one might die. This does not occur deliberately.

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