Dear Roommate

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Dear Roommate, It would have been better if our introductions had been made in person. However, I begin by apologizing in advance since you will be spending most of the time in the room alone because I will be either in the library or laboratory doing my research. When I am not in the school library or lab, I would be spending my time listening to loud music. At home, I am forced to reduce the volume when my parents are around. However, I am sure they will not be following me to college. My iPod is full of all type of music from reggae, rock, hip-hop, classical and R&B. I do not have any particular music that I listen to as long as it in inspirational and uplifting. Unfortunately, if you are not a music fan, or want to study, or are bored with my unusual choice of music, I have headphones that I could use to ensure there is peace in our room. I love helping and encouraging other people. I will be there if you need someone to talk or assistance of any kind. I am not a vegetarian, but I am more cautious of what I eat. Please do not be astonished when you find my plate is half-full of vegetables or fruits compared to other types of foods. I am longing to meet you, share a room with you and enjoy the new experience of being freshmen in college together. Yours sincerely, Mary

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