Dealing with domestic violence

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Dealing with domestic violence To understand domestic violence and how such instances should be handled it is important to comprehend the history of domestic violence. Domestic violence was previously not regarded as a crime. It was until the twentieth century that domestic violence was defined as an offense that justified it to be intervened by the justice system. Instances of spouse beating were not categorized as incidences of domestic violence. The battery of women by their husbands was regarded to be normal, and it was deemed to be part of marriage. Hence women who were abused in marriages were expected to tolerate the abusive relationship and take as normal. This meant that there was no way of seeking justice for victims of domestic violence. It was not until the 1970s that domestic violence was considered to be a crime hence a violation of the law. The advocacy by women on behalf of victims of domestic violence was the initial driver of the justice system to the plight of victims ("Introduction - Domestic Violence," n.d.). Domestic violence cases were no longer being dealt with in private; instead, they became of public concern. This meant that perpetrators could no longer avoid responsibility for inflicting pain and injuries to their partners. Classifying domestic abuse as an instance of law-breaking was a breakthrough for the victims since it helped reduce the physical and emotional impacts associated with such abuse. Despite the recognition of domestic abuse as a crime, at first most cases of domestic violence were ignored by the law enforcement agencies but that has changed, and more cases are now receiving the necessary attention to make sure that the victims

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