Deadly Unna Chapter Summaries Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

Summaries Sy Montgomery in The Soul of an Octopus exposes the other side of science, where it is hallucinatory, boneless and beautiful. Sy deconstructs the self-imposed borders by humans between them and other animals. As much as there exist differences between humans animals and nonhuman animals, there also exist several similarities. Chapter One - Athena Sy introduces the readers to Athena. Athena is a giant Pacific Octopus who appears friendly to Sy when they first meet. Athena comes across as a feisty, active, and easily excited; when octopuses like someone they reach out to that person and if not, they spray water from their funnels (Montgomery 13). At the end of this chapter on Athena, the...

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Summaries Chapter fourteen of Bill Bryson’s book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, begins by talking about the fossil remains that were discovered by the geologist, Mike Voorhies in Nebraska. The fossil bed comprised a massive grave of a herd of animals such as rhinoceros, whose cause of death was concluded to the inhalation of volcanic ash 60000 years ago. This came as a surprise and geologists embarked on efforts to determine how Nebraska contained such a vast deposit of volcanic ash (Bryson, and Matthews 135). The findings led to the revelation that there existed a massive reservoir of magma beneath the surface known in recent times as Yellowstone. Bryson adds that despite the distance...

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