DDT and its Effects on the Environment

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DDT and its effect on the environment Name Institution DDT and its effect on the environment Introduction Chemical compounds have become an important part of modern life owing to their use in industrial, agricultural and home environments. In fact, there are used for many functions to include artificial fibers, varnish, glue, cosmetics, paints, petrol, fertilizers, pesticides, medicine, nutritional additives and so on.1 Despite their value and importance for different values, chemical compounds have been reported to cause (or are implicated in causing) both environmental and health complications when released onto the environment. Examples of these complications include depletion of the ozone layer, acute poisoning, disruption of the endocrine system and cancer. Overall, these chemicals are known to contaminate environmental media that includes land, food, water, and air. This knowledge makes it evident that safety regarding chemical compounds is a challenge owing to their potential for causing harm.1 Internationally, the potential for chemical compounds to harm the environment when released is acknowledged and led to concerted efforts to avoid such scenarios as reflected in Chapter 19 of Agenda 21 concerning environmental protection. The document presents sound management strategies in the form of education programs, capacity to address emergencies, and ability to treat poisoning cases as well as rehabilitate contamination. In addition, it offers capacity for enforcement and implementation, establishes risks policies, interprets information, conducts risk assessment, and collects information for dissemination.2 Other than Agenda 21, manufacture, storage and

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