DBQ – “Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?”

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: DBQ – “Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?” In a geographical perspective, Britain is an expansive island, and this helped them to evade war invasion (Global History, 5). Therefore, it facilitated peace that was needed for industrial growth. Additionally, there was the availability of raw materials such as iron, wool, coal, lead and tin that are very paramount in the industrialization development (Smith, 24). The Canals linked the rivers to the ocean coast so that the transportation of items could be effective. Consequently, the industrialization facilitated the rural to urban migration (Warner, 79). Therefore, these movements ensured availability of human capital who could work in various industries. People also migrated from the countryside because they hoped for high wages from the industries in urban areas (Warner, 81). According to Smith, the concept of specialization of labor made many industries to increase their respective production capabilities (Smith, 67). In specialization concept, each staff performed various specific jobs that they were done perfectly. This ensured mass production unlike in other systems where employees worked separately, but production was slow and low quality (Smith, 74). Contrarily, Britain was equipped with conditions and resources that were required for the industrialization process. For example, it had resources such as iron, lead, coal, and sheep that provided them with quality wool. The geographical location also offered them rivers, harbors, and seaports that made the transport of products to be fast and convenient. Besides, the systematic and technical innovation

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