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Policy Analysis Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Sawyer precisely and adequately defines the problem in her post. The identification of the problem sets the stage for comprehensive identification of best practices regarding policy formulation and sound evaluative criteria for these practices or alternatives (Kraft & Furlong, 2018). Implementation of mandatory sex education initiatives in both jail systems and school curriculum will help in highlighting some of the crucial issues touching HIV. These issues include infection, transmission, treatment and care of people living with HIV. Increasing funding will ensure access to testing services in low-income areas. Using effectiveness as the criterion for evaluating the identified alternatives will yield better results. The majority of prisoners who are black men are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS than the general population. If black MSM is educated on matters touching on infection, spread and treatment of HIV, it will contribute to their behavior change and a general reduction in HIV cases among them. Tough Breanna identifies the need to introduce mandatory sex education in high school or middle school; she does not elaborate how the specific schools will be targeted or whether all schools across the board will be eligible. It would have been more effective to target schools that have the majority of vulnerable groups. Integrating sex education in one of the electives in either Middle or high school might not be much effective if the subjects are not core subjects. Students can choose to disregard these subjects. With regards to cost, the federal budget which sets aside approximately 32 billion

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