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Dany Response #1 Discussion Launching of a new product in the United States and Eastern Europe requires proper scrutiny of the market segmentation in the sociocultural environment. To penetrate the mobile market, Elena, who wants to tap the worldwide market, must factor in the different cultures, languages as well as lifestyles. Specifically, to launch the new mobile designs, Elena must adequately understand the politics, technology, and language. This would help to avoid language mistakes like Coca-Cola while using the Chinese language wrongly. The most important environmental factor in launching a new mobile design would be the culture. It influences peoples’ perceptions, shopping habits, fashion trends, beliefs as well as the technology level. Ultimately, these affect the consumer and their purchasing behavior. On the other hand, language is a critical aspect of the production environment. Language affects the advertisement, the consumer understanding as well as the user-ability guidelines. Evidently, from the posting, it is true that language, customs, and cultures, as well as the market segmentation, affects the launch of any new product in the market. These affect the consumer buying trends, shopping habits, fashions, and styles as well as seasons that determine the spending habits of each demographic segment in the community. However, product differentiation is not mentioned in the posting; which significantly manipulates the competitive edge. Conclusively, language, cultures and understanding the market segmentation remains the core factors to consider in launching a new product in any market. However, the posting does not answer; how does market

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