Database Administrator

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Name Instructor Course Date Database Administrator Section 1 Most organizations have a special position of a database administrator, who manages their data. To perform his role, he first identifies the organization’s needs and then creates a database that meets them. After creating and administering a database, he then assumes the responsibility of creating modifications to secure the organization’s data from loss or compromise by hackers (Roddick 35). He also regularly checks for errors and updates to ensure normal working of the systems. A problem-solving skill is crucial for a database administrator because when problems arise, he has to troubleshoot and correct them. At least bachelor's degree in information technology or its equivalent in a computer-related field is what is required for one to qualify for the job. Generally, software vendors offer certification. Section 2 The position of a database administrator will affect the IT industry in the future by necessitating some advancements that will make doing that work easier since some of its functions can be automated. For example, backing up and restoring electronic health record in a hospital setting can be automated instead of having an administrator do so himself. Some technological devices are capable of doing the same when allowed by the user. Other functions of the database administrator that can be automated are checking for system errors, and checking for updates. The systems should notice errors and warn the user so that a database administrator can then come in to correct them. They should also be set to update themselves if such updates increase their effectiveness. Work Cited Roddick,

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